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Child Stars of the 90s-early 00s

Ever wonder what those child stars (that you grew up with and loved) look like now that they are all grown up? ME TOO!!

Tahj Mowry, Smart Guy

His sisters, Tia & Tamera, Sister Sister

Alisan Porter, Curly Sue

Anna Chlumsky, My Girl

Mara Wilson, Matilda

Ron Lester, Varsity Blues

Michael Oliver & Ivyann Schwan, Problem Child 2

Mackenzie Rosman, 7th Heaven

Boy Meets World cast

Sean O’ Neal, Clarissa Explains It All

Home Improvement cast

Saved by the Bell cast

Full House cast

Thora Burch, Hocus Pocus


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Courage the Cowardly Dog Show

I loved little Courage growing up! He was abandoned as a pup and found by Murial. She took him home to the town of Nowhere to live with her and her husband, Eustace. BUT creepy stuff happens in Nowhere and it’s up to Courage to find the courage to save his family.

Nickelodeon Bumpers

I am proud to be made in the 80’s and a product of the 90’s! Here are some Nickelodeon bumpers that should bring back memories to those 90’s kids out there!

Beetlejuice the CARTOON

One of my favorite cartoons growing up was Beetlejuice! He used a lot of play on words which was pretty cool lol. I always looked forward to the shenanigans that he and Lydia would end up in with their crazy neighbors in the Netherworld. In my opinion, a very colorful underworld! 

The Brain that Wouldn’t Die (1962)

The movie starts out with a woman screaming “Why won’t it die??” Then, it pans over to an operation gone wrong. A father and son are surgeons fighting over what to do when the son steps up and does unethical stuff to bring the guy back to life. His father is not happy with him, but he follows what he says and the man lives. Then, the son gets an urgent phone call and he brings his girlfriend with him to see why he locks himself away in a country home for the weekends. They get into an accident and she does not live because she gets decapitated. He takes her head back to the lab to bring her back to life. The only thing he must do is get her a body, but the whole time you are thinking why did he not go back to the car and get HER own body! I know the car was burning, but surely it didn’t explode or anything. Well, the woman comes to and realizes what he has done and plots revenge on him with the help of his creepy creation. 




The Killer Shrews (1959)

A captain and his skipper washes onto an island where they meet these people. A Swedish doctor, his daughter, two scientists, and a Hispanic butler live in this compound sort of place where they experiment on shrews. Apparently, the captain finds out that there are gigantor shrews loose on the island and they have been multiplying. His skipper gets up by them while tying the row boat onto a tree. The food has become scarce so now the shrews are trying to break down the door to the compound. The people must find a way to get out to the boat since shrews can’t swim before they become a meal. 

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (1920)

A great silent film of an introverted scientist. He is in love with a girl, Millicent, that he is considering proposing to, but spends all of his time in his lab. Millicent’s father decides to try to bring him out of his shell by taking him to a burlesque house/ whore house/ old-fashioned strip club. I guess he wants to tempt him because he is so sheltered and innocent. Anyways, Dr. Jekyll gets the bright idea to come up with a potion that will separate the evil part of human nature from the good hence Mr. Hyde emerges. He transforms into this ugly, creepy-looking guy that stirs up trouble and chews people up/ spits them out! Dr. Jekyll has to fight against the evil nature of Dr. Hyde in order to keep his life!

Dr. Jekyll 

Mr. Hyde

White Zombie (1932)

A Bela Lugosi film. A man asks a couple to get married in the Bahamas where he lives. Little do they know, the man plans to lure the woman away from her fiance with the help of a witch doctor (Bela Lugosi). On her wedding day, she dies. Bela and his horde of zombies take her coffin from the tomb where Bela raises her from the dead. The man feels horrible for allowing the witch doctor to do this because she is a mindless zombie. Bela had other plans in mind for her though and poisoned the man to get him out of the way. He is dying slowly. Her husband keeps seeing her in mirages and somehow stumbles onto the castle where the witch doctor is holding her captive. With the help of the priest, they work to pry the girl from the mind control of the witch doctor.

King of the Zombies (1941)

It was kind of a funny movie. These two guys and their black servant are flying a plane when they crash into an island. They land in a cemetery where they stumble onto a mansion that seems empty, but is filled with a staff and a creepy guy. Weird things start happening and there is talk of zombies. Apparently, the creepy guy “grows” zombies through voodoo.